All our posts, photos, videos, stories, today are spread in a multitude of websites. When we will be gone what will be of our digital legacy?

From recent horrible stories almost everyone knows that today we are not actually the owners of our digital creations

We aim to address and solve the above mentioned problems using the following amazing technologies:

  • SOLID: solid ( is a project born from the concern of having complete privacy on personal information while using online services. It was initially started by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, yes, the creator of the Web.
  • BLOCKCHAIN: Our aim is to build a decentralised network of servers, using the same technology as the one that actually runs the most famous cryptocurrencies in the world. However we will not use it for exchanging digital currency, we will use to encrypt, store, distribute the content that our users are going to upload on our servers, making almost impossible to loose any data, our data will be there forever there will be the internet.
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: This is the most ambitious of our aims, we want to be able to study the user behaviour, of course only if and after the user gives us permission, replicate the user behaviour to create another version, the digital one of ourselves. For sure we could not give your digital representation a new conscience but we can still have a version that follows your behaviour. 


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