Your memories, forever.

Welcome to uits! We help families and friends bond through shared memories. Store and share your special moments with those close to you – and what’s even better you retain ownership of all your data to pass down from generation to generation.

We are currently on a beta release, want to join?

Main features of the app

Store your memories

Memory management – one place to easily access all your digital assets and memories.

Own all your data

You’re in control – unlike a lot of big tech you keep ownership of all your uploaded data.

Share with your circle

Making social more private – share with loved ones now and future generations.

How it works…


Create and organise all your memories in one place.


Give your memory life by adding a variety of content.


Share your special moments with family and close friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

uits is an acronym for up in the skies – it’s a new word we want to spread to give a new light to memories.

The idea of ‘organising our precious moments’ and ‘keeping them alive through sharing among our loved ones’ was initially called Up In The Skies, meaning the place where we look up to when thinking about our loved ones who are no longer with.

Keeping memories alive to help connect generations is a cornerstone of uits – we see this as a root for the present life of individuals and a leap of trust for their future.

A memory is memorable information that you want to remember, keep track of and share with your circle of loved people.

For uits it can be in the form of a: photo, video, document or audio file.

It’s the process of organising memories in a way that you can easily access and share them at any moment.

Uits helps you manage your memories in a timeline structure, like a bookshelf where you keep your best photos at easy reach rather than the basement gathering dust. We like to think of it as your life story or autobiography.

  • Because with uits you own your uploaded data, with Facebook you don’t.
  • Because we don’t use cookies or other tracking technologies to check your behaviour for selling ads, while in Facebook it’s the core of their monetisation strategy.
  • Because we are a more human tech company, that aims to design user experiences that satisfy human needs like; ownership of our own data, sharing of content inside a private network with the people we love, to help organise memories that can be easily accessed and enjoyed time and again and to store them for the future generations.
It means exactly that, we are transparent with the data that you upload with uits – you retain full ownership of all this content. Unlike the main social media giants we will never use, track or sell your data.
Only you have the power to decide on the data you own: upload, delete, transfer and share.

Uits helps you manage and keep your memories alive through easy access and sharing with the closest people in your life. Uits is more than cloud storage, think of it as the bookshelf in your studio rather than the basement of your house.

They are free because when you don’t pay for a product the product is you!

You can share your content, search for people and information for free, but…
  • The monetisation model of companies that make you think the service is free use you as a product that produces money.
  • Being on their platform allows them to sell viewers to their paying ad clients.
  • They track and monitor your behaviour, they condition your behaviour with gratifying feedback, like offering your favourite things to look at, notifying instant changes, and more (watch Social Dilemma on Netflix for more insight!).

    All this continuous study on users behaviour has produced an incredible amount of data about human behaviour, the largest quantity in history and this is the price you pay, without even being aware.

Our monetisation model is transparent and simple:

Free Subscription: you can enjoy the full functionality of uits including the memory managing and sharing system with 3GB of cloud storage space.

Premium Subscriptions: same as free subscription but with even more storage space to store all those memorable moments, two options are available:

Premium: 100GB at £29 per year.

Premium Plus: 500GB at £69 per year.

Meet the team…

Giuseppe Persiani


Happyness Broadcaster 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Vilma Recchiuti
Product Owner

Juggler at heart 🤹

Robby Ogilvie
UX/UI Designer

:cloud: Architect of dreams  :cloud:

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