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  1. I think this is a great idea, I can imagine many people being interested in this type of service. I would like to understand better the nature of your service: Is it guaranteed hosting of the memory like renting a grave in a cemetery. The use of the blog creating a platform? If so, how is it different from other blogging platforms that also link to social media? Will their be special features specific to the nature of this service?
    Thank you

    1. Arjun, thank you for your interesting question.
      I would leave the comparison with the grave a little on the side, first because it is never guaranteed for more than a number of years, second because it is just a static representation of our physical life. But what about our soul? Our ideas? Our stories?
      This is why we aim to build a digital place where we can store immutably (yes like the blockchain) the creations we spread around the internet. It will be a live place, not a static one, where we can contribute until we will live in this world but also after, through the stories and support of the ones that we knew.
      It is a bold project but I am sure that with the help of all the interested people we will succeed.

  2. I don’t know where my great great grandparents’ graves are, nor will my children and nor will their children. This means that little by little the memory of my family, of my history is going to eventually fade.
    Veterans from the first world war are gone and little by little soon those of the second one will be too and those stories must be heard and remembered.
    Amazing and romantic love stories, painful lessons, sacrifices made for loved ones and more in general, life experiences must be remembered.
    That is why I adore this idea and hope to see and know more.
    Even just to celebrate life.

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